Feel livelier. Look younger. Be healthier

Every day, our body’s trillions of cells face threats from free radicals that can damage our cells and genetic material. This can give rise to many poor health conditions, from premature aging to cancer. A large reserve of antioxidants in our body is necessary to effectively protect against free radical damage.
Our engaging hands-on workshops allow you to know and taste nutrient-dense antioxidant-rich smoothies, plant milks, muesli, salads and more.

Immediate benefits:

Optimized performance. Better mental clarity and stamina
Energy boost [physical and mental] • Anti-stress
• Immune system boost
• Emotional uplift

Long term benefits:

Anti-aging, better skin, hair, nails… younger looks
• Anti-cancer
• Anti-heart disease & stroke
• Better digestive system, detoxification, lighter feeling
• Weight control
• Strengthened immune system
• Sense of well-being
• Money Saving
• Healing for the Earth

Maximum number of participants: 40