High Disease Rates


A great concern

1. Is it true that our current diseases rates are the highest in human history and is still climbing?

3 in 5 Singaporeans will get cancer, heart disease or stroke in their lifetime. This trend has been clearly documented over the last many decades, and is true for many countries throughout the world.
Cancer, heart disease and diabetes have been described as “epidemic”.

2. What are the fundamental causes underlying this trend?

  • We have deviated from the ways of nature
  • We have forgotten what natural food is or what nature intended for us as food
  • Our environment is increasingly toxic, which in turn poisons our body
  • We have learned to love foods/beverages that are toxic, and we become addicted to them as part of our culture
  • Demand and supply continue to feed the trend as humans tend to care more about monetary profit, than in ethics

3. If humans have made so many advances in our healthcare system, why are disease rates still increasing?

Our healthcare system is structured for treatment of diseases. Healthcare is largely targeted at treating symptoms, not at addressing root causes and finding cures.


4. Healthcare costs are escalating, for many, beyond affordability. What should we do? Buy more insurance coverage?

Buying insurance may help ease financial uncertainties, but it does not address causation of disease. More importantly, high medical costs should inspire us to put disease prevention as a top priority.

Invest in good health and wellness. Good Health is priceless and is True Wealth. Without good health, we cannot enjoy our monetary wealth.


So, what are the possible solutions?

5. Take responsibility for our own wellness.

  • Don’t wait for your relatives, friends or government to take care of your health
  • Don’t be complacent or assume that disease is a matter of luck
  • Be awake to the realities of statistics and the mechanisms of poor health
  • Actively build a strong immune system through a wholefood plant-based diet, exercise and lifestyle
  • Load up on high antioxidant whole foods in as many meals as possible, every day

6. Be educated in the wholistic science of health

  • Know the underlying principles of good health and wellness
  • Beware partial truths or popular beliefs
  • Popularity of a certain view does not necessarily mean it is correct


7. Strengthen our immune system 

The true solution for many (or perhaps all) of our poor health problems,
is building a strong immune system.

A strong immune system offers:
–  true prevention (of disease)
–  true protection (from disease worsening)
–  possible reversal (of disease)


8. Detox

  • Avoid or reduce toxins as much as possible
  • Detoxify our body’s accumulated toxins as much as possible through everyday diet and lifestyle
  • Natural plant-based whole foods do both at the same time – detoxify and strengthen our body’s immune system, the way nature intended


9. Learn to like the simple taste of natural foods

Our corrupted taste buds are a source of our craving for unhealthy foods.
Return to nature and return to wellness, because naturally, our body heals itself.


The information shared here is for educational purposes only.
These opinions are not given as medical advice and not intended to replace or conflict with your decisions or healthcare providers’ advice.