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Volunteer with us

A truth we often hear, “Without health, we don’t have life”.
At the core, HealthPartners.Sg is very much mission driven to return good health to people, and that’s where your volunteer help is valuable:

Some ways you could volunteer in:
– Workshop assistance
– Retreat assistance (priority given to ex-retreat participants)
– Photography
– Videography and video editing
– Transcription
– Research (health-food related matters)
We are open to ideas…

In the process…
– you could learn important information for free
– you could impact the lives of others
– the skills acquired could develop into a career?

We leave you with inspiring quotes below.
Meantime, feel free to write to us on volunteering matters.
Thank you.

Let us know and we will get back to you.

Service To Others True Happiness Marie Osmonds#
Happiness Consists In Giving, And In Serving Others. Henry Dru
Happiness Is A Byproduct Of Helping Others#