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As precaution measures, please take note :

  • Please help to check on every foldable table looking for sharp chirping that may cause injury.
  • Please do not allow anyone to sit on the foldable wooden table as the weight may cause the table to collapse causing injury.
  • Whenever we shift/move the foldable table, always check that the tables’ legs are still vertically aligned ( look below the table to ensure that the mechanism to do this is setup as designed )
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Oxidative Stress Diseases

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The Basics of harmfulness of Wheat
First of all, a refresher:wheat is a grain. The calories in wheat come mostly from carbohydrates, but wheat also contains a few problem proteins.
1. Gluten
2. Wheat Germ Agglutinin
3. Amylase Trypsin Inhibitors
Problems caused by these proteins are not the same thing as blood sugar problems caused by the carbohydrates in wheat. It’s true that getting a majority of calories from wheat (especially refined wheat) can cause metabolic problems like blood sugar swings. But these problems would be caused by any high-carb diet, and they’re only relevant for people eating a large amount of wheat: something like a spoonful of soy sauce wouldn’t be a problem.