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Welcome to our green machine!

This bicycle powered blender does more than blending smoothies in an interesting way. Our smoothie bike also demonstrates the blending of concerns for our health, for our environment, for innovation and for bringing people together.
We call it a double-green machine because:
1. It makes one of the greenest foods on the planet – nutrient dense fruity smoothies from whole fruits.
2. It blends in a green way – without electricity, while providing simple exercise.

Crowd puller

From primary schools, to universities, to 5-star hotels, this bike is always a crowd puller. People of all ages are intrigued to watch a jug of fruits transformed into a colourful, tasty, healthy drink with a bit of simple pedalling. The smoothie bike’s fun and colourful appearance reflects the vibrancy of the antioxidants we promote.

Suitable for riding by children (7 years) and above, this bike was originally designed as part of cancer prevention effort for schools, to encourage a higher consumption of fruits by blending fun with exercise and science.
We are working on improving the smoothie bike’s design to incorporate a capacity for:
– battery charging
– fruit-vegetable shredding.
There is a possibility we will sell smoothie bikes in the future.

The smoothie bike is for rent. For enquires, please email us.



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