Wholistic Nutrition Disease Reversal 2

Content of the 5-Day


–  The underlying mechanisms of diseases
(including cancer, cardiovascular disease & diabetes)
–  How our immune system is our true healer & protector
–  Dense nutrition and antioxidants are key to a stronger immune system
–  Why raw, why cooked foods
–  Basic yin-yang balances in food
–  Our emotional health is a dominant and often overlooked factor in overall health
–  6 ways our body naturally detoxifies itself
–  Deep breathing & simple exercises for invigoration & detoxification
(practical also for the less-abled)
–  How to raise your antioxidant level quickly
–  Anyone can make antioxidant-rich smoothies, but how to make them taste nice
–  How to make simple Grab&Go foods (for busy people)
–  Control weight effortlessly
–  How to tame food cravings
–  Refresh your lifestyle.

Practical: hands-on food preparation

At least 6 nutrient dense smoothie recipes
–  2 refreshing fruity smoothies
–  2 detoxifying green smoothies
–  2 rich and fulfilling nut milks.

At least 3 make-your-own healthy salad dressings
–  to make antioxidant-rich vegetable easy to consume
–  where the dressings are themselves high in antioxidants
–  what vegetables are practical for salads.

At least 3 ways to consume muesli
–  create a variety of muesli to suit different needs, even for school-going children to replace school canteen foods
–  how to enjoy high antioxidant foods on-the-go, even for travelling
–  food for warmth and comfort

Black Tree And Roots. Vector Illustration.

Treating root causes

Many widespread diseases are rooted in our diet and lifestyle. It is essential to address these root causes – and we can, especially collectively, by encouraging our family members, friends and support groups.

Retreat At Nature Resort #

Keeping cost low

To outreach widely, we make extensive effort to keep cost low so as to more inclusively outreach to the less financially prepared.

  1. Retreat at a resort in a natural setting
    Full programme over 4days-3nights
    Accomodates 10-20 persons
  2. Local retreat at a home
    Same programme, stay-out, spread over two weekends
    Accommodates 8-10 persons (limited space)

We are open to suggestions and to customisation. 

Special incentives possible for family members, including for domestic helpers.

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