Ginseng Vitality #

2 hours

Max 40 pax (customisable according to client’s need)

Want to know more about super foods? The more than 10 super foods featured here not only help keep diseases at bay, their potencies are known to boost vitality and performance of various kinds: increase strength; build stamina; boost immune system; anti-aging; aphrodisiac qualities. Some of these foods are common while others are exotic. They are naturally laced with special nutrients and do not have the side effects of processed drugs.

1. Objectives:

– to dive deeper into the high nutrient levels in some common foods. Some foods featured here are lesser known. 
– to have some food preparation know-how for practical, everyday consumption

2. Content of this hands-on workshop:

– Why natural whole foods, not supplements, are best for high nutrition
– Insights into longevity
– Studies and other evidence on the special nutrients in many common foods
– How to maximise absorption of nutrients

3. Interaction:

– Sample dried ingredients
– Operate power blender to make a smoothie
– Fine tune the smoothie’s taste to their own and their family’s preferences
– Discuss how you may include some of these ingredients in your everyday meals
– Ask questions

Taste samples:

– Amla juice
– Very green smoothie

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