Salad Dress Curry

3 hours

Max 40 pax (customisable according to client’s need)

Make healthy foods taste good!
With the right salad dressings, eating healthy can be a new joy and a great way to encourage everyone to eat greens.  Learn the basics and customize to suit your needs.

1. Objectives:

To have the know-how to make nutrient dense, lower calorie, tasty salad dressings so that high antioxidant vegetables can taste good and, thereby, become easy to consume.

2. Content of this hands-on workshop covers:
– choosing high antioxidant vegetables for your salad
– cutting and shredding made easy and quick
– all-natural ingredients for salad dressings
– the yin/yang balance
– why no dairy and how to replace dairy
– no preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring.
– no added oil
– salads made portable in jars, as various wraps

3. Interaction:

What participants will do:
– form teams to prepare ingredients for the salad and the dressing
– operate the food processor and power blender
– fine tune taste of the dressings
– consider implementation steps of salad making at home and workplace.
– share experiences and views, discuss
– ask questions

Taste sample:

Salad buffet with 3 salad dressings.

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