Pandemic Closed For Biz 02#

3 hours 

Max 40 pax (customisable according to client’s need)

Having some knowledge and skills for food preparation in times of food scarcity is important (handy for traveling too). During a pandemic, a mandatory home quarantine may last months – our lives could depend on our immune system, the strength of which is largely determined by the amount of nutrients we have been absorbing. Canned foods and instant noodles would not be ideal solutions.

1. Objectives:

To be aware of the potentially disruptive and chaotic times during a pandemic and how best to protect ourselves – in terms of nutrition, food supply and our immune system health – for survival.

2. Information Covers:

– the possible social chaos and scenario
– keeping a calm & positive mindset at a time of adversity
– nutrition is key to immune system health
– which high antioxidant whole foods to stock up (examples: beans, dried fruit…)
– sprouting increases the antioxidant content in beans/seeds
– how to sprout
– make your own basic no-cook muesli
– other forms of muesli (eg: powdered muesli)
– antioxidants from spices
– how to store food (for months) without problems from bugs
– how to eat for optimal nutrition and survival, taming our taste buds

3. Interaction:

What participants will do:
– form teams to share views and experiences on food scarcity
– hands-on for basic muesli making
– operate the power blender for powdered muesli
– consider implementation steps at home and workplace
– ask questions

Taste sample:

– Sprouts
– Trail mix
– Muesli
– Powdered muesli
– Oat milk

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