Diabetes Control Manage Fruit#

2 hours

Max 40 pax (customisable according to client’s need)

The diabetes epidemic is emerging even in children and young adults, and has become a leading cause of kidney failure and disabilities. Amidst this growing concern, we know much of this can be better controlled. Some physicians have been able to arrest and reverse type-2 diabetes largely through diet.

1. Objectives:

– to understand the latest scientific findings on the mechanism of type-2 diabetes
– know the right foods and lifestyle to address the root causes
– have the know-how to make such foods and to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments

2. Content of this hands-on workshop:

– types of diabetes & disease trend
– what causes insulin resistance
– what the science says – lipotoxicity
– medical doctors arresting and reversing diabetes, how do they do it?
– glycemic index & glycemic load (GI & GL)
– GI of common foods
– special anti-diabetes foods
– what about fruit?
– taming food addiction
– importance of exercise for insulin sensitivity
– other lifestyle factors (hydration, sunshine…)

3. Interaction. What participants will do:

– simple muscle invigoration exercises
– form teams of about 2-3 persons to share
– prepare some ingredients. Operate the power blender
– adjust taste of smoothie, serve smoothies to everyone
– consider implementation steps of smoothie making and exercise at home or workplace.
– ask questions

Taste samples:

– low GI ingredients
– green bittergourd smoothie
– muesli

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