Brain Neuroscience #

2 hours

Max 40 pax (customisable according to client’s need)

Whether a student, a computer programmer, a busy executive or a centenarian, we all want optimal mental performance to enjoy life. It is important to feed our brain with essential nutrients which are also key in lowering the risks of (and possibly reversing) age-related diseases like dementia. This session explores the best foods for optimal mental stamina, clarity for the long term quality of life!

1. Objectives:

– to understand basic needs of our brain, the mechanism of some dysfunctions and wholistic practical solutions for optimal brain health
– to acquire some know-how of food preparation and lifestyle adjustments

2. Content of this hands-on workshop:

– the delicate mechanisms in brain function
– brain fuel – Are all sugars the same?
– three types of Omega-3 fatty acids in human physiology: ALA, EPA, DHA
– best sources of Omega-3 fatty acid
– cholesterol and oxidised cholesterol
– the blood-brain barrier
– how did 82 years old Silvia reverse her dementia?
– the power of exercise – What it does for brain health
– which type of exercises?
– positive psychology
– what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat

3. Interaction:

– Watch Dr Suzuki’s video on exercise and practice a little
– Form teams of 2-3 to discuss views and experiences, especially on positive psychology
– Operate power blender to make a smoothie
– Fine tune the smoothie’s taste to their own and their family’s preferences
– Discuss implementation steps for better brain health in real life
– Ask questions

Taste samples:

– Purple brain smoothie
– Trail mix

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