It was something I had been looking for. I was not alone, I brought along my parents, sister-in-law and a friend.

Recently, I started to take diet seriously, because I was faced with major health problem reminders in my family:

– My father
– My mum
– My father-in-law

I didn’t want my husband or me to become another victim. So, it was time for me to take things seriously and join the retreat.

Before this retreat, I came to Batam to have a consultation with Mr. Yeow who explained a lot. I remember this deeply. He said that, due to poor diet and lifestyle, our arteries become blocked like a kitchen sink pipe. The fat and oil from our food clog the inside of our arteries. If the arteries to the brain are blocked, it can cause a stroke. If the arteries to the heart become blocked, it can cause heart disease and heart attacks. Diabetes is also from too much oil causing our body not to absorb the sugar into our cells.

Mr. Yeow explained that if we eat healthily, the blood can flow smoothly in the arteries. Doing detox is like cleaning the pipes (the arteries). Because I had been catering food, my arteries had become clogged because of too many oily foods.

We really wanted to eat raw, but we didn’t know how to make the raw food nice, didn’t know how to cut the vegetables or make the dressing, and we couldn’t find out how. But now, thanks to this retreat, I know.

I was also the type who couldn’t live a day without rice! But I have been here 3 days, and I don’t feel hungry. Everything has been delicious: the smoothies, dressings, raw vegetables and best of all is the porridge.

Now, I have friends who are facing my same battle. A retreat like this shows us many facts about why and how to apply a healthy diet at home.