At first, I thought I wouldn’t be joining this retreat if there was nothing new. But, Heny assured me there would be new things to learn.

True, I did learn new things and applied them right away. Before this retreat, I had one bowel movement a day, even if I had made my own smoothies. Now, I learnt it is good to have bowel movement as many times as we eat, and sure enough, with the food I ate here, I moved my bowels several hours after each meal (3 times a day).

Normally, during my menses, I feel pain. But today, I didn’t feel any pain.

At night, I would usually have red rice for my meals to warm my stomach, because I don’t feel comfortable when my stomach is cold. Here, we had warm muesli, and I was very happy to have warm no-rice meals at night.

I was also able to sleep very well at the retreat.

During the retreat, I sometimes still snuck in some of my mom’s unhealthy food. When I did that, certain pains came to convince me to stop the habit. Now, I have learnt that I have to be more disciplined.

In this retreat, I also learnt to make smoothies without adding much water at the beginning, so it can be thick and taste great and have dense nutrition!