Linda 01

For example, I made smoothies for myself and for my children, but we choose delicious ingredients only; many nutritious ingredients were left out of our diets because we didn’t know how to prepare them in a tasty way. Thanks to this retreat, I’ve learnt to add vegetables and other ingredients that may be healthy but not tasty into smoothies. My children will like my new dishes too, and because the recipes are easy to make, my children can prepare these recipes for their own breakfasts.

I learnt a lot of great lessons, especially how to make the porridge, which will probably become my family’s favourite.

Before the retreat, it looked like it would be hard to practice eating raw. For example, I liked to eat kerupuk crackers and other fried foods, even though I knew these foods aren’t healthy. Now, I still eat them occasionally, but I have reduced.

I agree with Mr. Yeow about not to trying to change other people by talking to them. Instead, we should lead by example, by starting the changes ourselves. If I can change, I’m sure my husband, children and others will see and follow. At home, we’ll start with one healthier meal.

I feel this retreat was practical with lots of hands-on; it was not too theoretical. Before the retreat, I had found many recipes online and from books, but I could make only 2-3 of those recipes. Most of the recipes just aren’t practical. This retreat was so much better, because we received 10 recipes, and we can do all 10 at home. If Mr. Yeow has new recipes, do let us know, and I will surely join again.

[A few days after the retreat, in a group chat, Linda said]: Before boarding the ferry, I grabbed some bananas as my breakfast and snack!! I had never done this before, although bananas are standby foods at my home. Previously, I would never take bananas just by themselves. But now, I take bananas automatically, maybe because I learnt to eat them so frequently during the retreat.