Erianto Suping #

My sister, Chen Su Ping, was diagnosed with stage-4 lymphoma cancer in 2014. Her family did not understand much about diet; so, they urged her to eat more meats, eggs and dairy.

Later, after a more natural diet of fruit, vegetables, herbs and ginger drinks (all without sugar, salt, flavouring or oil) her cancer got better.

3 years later, the cancer returned, shocking everyone.

Heny advised a raw, plant-based diet. To support my sister, I went on that diet too.

As organic produce was inaccessible, we resorted to washing and soaking the regular vegetables. My sis’s raw food consisted of many varieties of vegetables and fruits, with no knowledge of good combinations. Thus, it was not delicious. More important than good taste was to get as much nutrition and oxygen into her body as possible and to eat more alkalizing food. She also learnt to be more positive and accept raw foods. We didn’t have the skill to make the raw food as delicious as what we enjoyed here today.

She had lemon juice in the morning and fresh coconut every day, and she felt good. My neighbour used to gossip about her becoming skinny, but in fact, my sister felt better than before.

Due to my new job, I started to understand more about planting and shared this with my sister. She went to plant her own organic vegetables, and now she has her own garden.

Finally, my sister went on a 70-80% raw diet for 6 months before having a check-up in QuangZhou. The result was amazing: no more cancer markers!

Today (30 September 2018), we just came back from QuangZhou to specially share with you all the valuable experiences we had to encourage everyone to go on this wholistic nutrition, as, in our experience, it can truly heal. I’m happy to see that Heny created this event. Today, the food is so much more delicious than what we had.

Changing from the inside (emotionally) is very important, although changing and adapting is not easy. It is a journey; so, please don’t wait for sickness to make you start the journey.

Wholistic Nutrition Retreat @Sijori

28-30 September 2018