I had been vegetarian for 11 years, but to my mind, if there was no rice, it wasn’t considered a meal.

I joined the MondayTuesdayLive Health Discussion by Mr. Yeow and Heny, and when they announced they were having a retreat, I was interested, because I had been wanting to learn more ways to eat and live healthier.

Although, I wanted to attend, when I thought of the food at the retreat, I worried about whether or not there would be rice at the retreat. I was somewhat shaken when Heny said there was no plan to include rice in the retreat (although I was allowed to order my own rice meal, if necessary).

I still had doubts arising from the no-rice for the 3 days practice despite Heny’s assurance and encouragement to shift my mindset in order to face my fears. I remember Heny said, “Don’t be afraid to try”.

I thought deeply that night, and the very next morning, when I made payment, I was in tears! I was moved and happy for my decision to fight my fears and to change my mindset.

I enjoyed the 3 days at Sijori so much. I didn’t feel hungry, and I was able to wait even when my hunger approached. Before the retreat, I couldn’t wait when hungry. I would eat about every 3 hours, because I would be weak and “cold energy” or “wind” would enter my stomach and create discomfort.

But during this retreat, I felt wonderful, and I didn’t have to eat every 3 hours. I can go through the days without rice, and I learnt a lot about our bodies.

It was eye-opening for me to realise that my fears and negative thoughts could be removed. I was shown the way to change.

I also learned how to prepare nutritious and delicious raw food, so that I will make meals for my family and will keep trying to live more and more healthily.

Wholistic Nutrition Retreat @Sijori

28-30 September 2018