Cornella Wencu

In Jakarta, Yati informed me about this retreat. Then, Heny told me that we will form a group chat to prepare all participants in advance, and during the chat, we could ask questions. A week before the retreat, we were asked to “ciak-cheng-cheng” (eat clean), so we wouldn’t get a detox shock. I thought it would be like a torture camp, with scary foods!

But when I arrived at the retreat, I got smoothies – very delicious. Then, I asked, “What if I get hungry?” Suzie replied, “Just eat a lot, you won’t get hungry!” True enough, till the next meal and end of the day, no hunger. I didn’t feel hungry throughout the night. So, I realised this is not a torture camp. This is a happy camp!

In this retreat, the recipes were easy to make, and the ingredients were easy to find, which is good for me in Jakarta. I recall Yati was very fired up in encouraging me to join, and I’m so glad I came. Wow!