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Our engaging, hands-on workshops allow you to know and taste nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich smoothies, plant milks, muesli, salads and more.

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The Why & How of Wholistic Nutrition

Most lifestyle related diseases and disability are preventable and related to nutrition, but there is a disconnect between the nutrition science and healthcare emphasis.
We encourage everyone to take nutrition seriously.

Retreat Principles
Batam Fruit Tour 01

Batam Fruit Tour

– Getaway in a fruitful and fun trip!
– Fresh nutrition as nature intended
– Have glimpses of what Sg streets looked like in the 60’s!
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Why Fruit and Fruit Tour?

Watch Dr Michael Greger: Dangers of not eating enough fruit!  (2 min)

Watch Dr Michael Greger: If Fructose is Bad, What About Whole Fruit? (4min)

Watch Dr Michael Greger: How much fruit is too much? (4min)