Parkinson’s Disease

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1. What is Parkinson’s disease (PD)?  What are the causes and consequences?

PD is known as a progressive disease of the nervous system marked by
– tremors
– muscular rigidity
– slow, imprecise movement

Medically, there is no known cause or cure, although it is associated with a lack of dopamine (because the dopamine-generating part of the brain has failed) due to inflammation and brain cell deterioration.


2. What is dopamine and where to find it?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger that carries signals between brain cells)

Food sources of dopamine include:
– bananas
– tomatoes
– almonds
– avocados
– lima beans
– pumpkin seeds
– sesame seeds.

Dopamine is easily oxidized or damaged. Antioxidant-rich foods (fruits and vegetables) help protect against that damage.

Chia Seeds

3. What are the possible cures or how to prevent Parkinson’s?

A) Consume foods that promote nerve health:

– omega-3 oils > flaxseeds, chia seeds
– magnesium calms nerves > almonds, pumpkin seeds, leafy greens
– Vitamin Bs build nerve cells > leafy greens, oatmeal, brown rice. Vit B12 > supplement.
– Vitamin C & Vitamin E are anti-aging for cells > fruits (including avocadoes), almonds, sunflower seeds
– Vitamin K for good brain function > broccoli.

B) Fruits like bananas, berries, watermelon, and papaya contain quercetin and tyrosine (help production of dopamine), and they are also filled with vitamins

C) Berries

D) Vigorous exercise and stretching are good for nerve health. Cycling has been proven to be effective in treating PD, although scientists don’t fully understand why it works. Please watch this video



The information shared here is for educational purposes only.
These opinions are not given as medical advice and not intended to replace or conflict with your decisions or healthcare providers’ advice.


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