Eat More Raw


Raw Food Salad

1. Why is eating wholefoods raw good?

Wholesome raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds have nutrients that operate as an infinitely complex biochemical system involving thousands of chemicals and thousands of effects on your health. Cooking destroys many delicate nutrients and enzymes necessary for disease reversal. It is best to acquire the light pleasant taste of nutrient dense foods.

Vegetable Skewer

2. Should cancer patients avoid raw fruits and vegetables?

A major reason people get cancer is because of a weak immune system which links to a low level of dietary antioxidants. Not eating fruits and vegetables keeps their immune system weak. The neutropenic diet (all cooked foods, no fresh fruit and veg) has not worked to improve cancer survival rate and is not supported by the FDA, CDC or ACS (major US health authorities), although many doctors continue to advocate it. Cancer fighters and everyone should consume a high level of dietary antioxidants through raw plant-based wholefoods. Just that we have to take precautions.

Raw Food Yin Yang

3. What precautions should we take?

– Hygiene: to avoid bacteria and mold, buy fresh ingredients, clean and store them well
– Yin-yang balance: many TCM physicians warn against eating too much fruit and veg which tend to be yin. However, not all fruits and veg are yin. Good to be aware and strike a yin-yang balance.
– Depending on sprouting conditions, sprouts have been known to harbour bacteria
– Preferably, do not mix raw with (too much) hard to digest cooked foods, because slow digesting foods can cause the raw foods (esp sweet fruits) to ferment

4. What about pesticide-chemicals on raw vegetables and fruits?

Do our best to remove them. Soak fruit and veg in concentrated salt solution for 20min. Or use reliable fruit-veg wash. Or, buy organic.

Bio Accumulation
There is a widespread misconception that fruit and veg have pesticide and meats do not. Meats (esp fish) have much higher pesticide levels due to bio-accumulation.

Salad Dressings

5. How to make the raw green tastes of vegetables more palatable?

– Combine them with certain fruits in smoothies. For example, apples can neutralize the raw green taste.
– Make your own salad dressings. Good dressings mask the raw green taste. (Avoid commercial salad dressings because they usually have preservatives and high levels of fat.)

Over time, learn to like the raw green taste.

Rice Potato

6. Which plant foods cannot be eaten raw?

Beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, tapioca (roots n leaves).

7. Dietitians say some nutrients are better absorbed when cooked?

True for some nutrients like carotenoids. Although some nutrients are destroyed, some others become more absorbable, for instance, some of the nutrients in carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, brussel sprouts.  For maximum benefit, you could combine some cooked, some raw of the same vegetable.

Raw Food Smoothie

8. What is the best way to start going raw?

Start with one meal a day. A smoothie breakfast is an easy choice. Breakfast is best because our body is most absorptive of nutrients then. Whole fruits would also be an easy start. Or, start by adding more raw to cooked dishes, such as fruits in your oatmeal. Another idea is fruit instead of cakes and other sweets for dessert.

Simple Easy Salad

9. How to maintain a raw healthy diet?

– Keep foods nice, light and pleasant
– Reduce or avoid heavy, savory taste because it over-stimulates our taste buds and perpetuates food cravings. Over-stimulated taste buds are a major, unrecognised destroyer of good health.


The information shared here is for educational purposes only.
These opinions are not given as medical advice and not intended to replace or conflict with your decisions or healthcare providers’ advice.


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