Alzheimer’s & Dementia


Dementia Define Meaning

1. What is dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?

Dementia is a broader term for cognitive decline (impaired thinking and memory).

Alzheimer’s is one form of dementia. Symptoms include impaired thought, impaired speech, and confusion.

2. What are their possible causes?

They are neurodegenerative disease, which means there is progressive brain cell death that happens over time. They are largely caused by:

a. brain arteries clogged by oxidized cholesterol
b. poor brain cell health
c. poor nutrition


3. What has cholesterol?

– meats (include fish, tuna)
– dairy products (includes butter, ghee, milk, cheese)
– egg products

4. What oxidises cholesterol?

– heating (all forms of cooking)
– microwaving (twice more oxidation than frying)
– re-cooking (3 or more times more oxidation)
– exposure of cholesterol to light
– storage in freezer for months (10 times more)
– steaming of fish

Avoid foods with cholesterol in the first place. So, there is no cholesterol to oxidise.

5. What are the possible solutions?

a. Diet change. Switch to a diet which:

– has no dietary cholesterol
– is high in antioxidants

b. Exercise. A single workout has immediate brain health benefits (including focus, concentration and reaction time). Long term exercise has a most transformative and protective effect on the brain. 3-4 times of aerobic exercise a week (30min each).

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6. Case study – 82 year old Sylvia reversed her dementia with diet comprising

– high amounts of blueberries
– walnuts

(Her recipes are now being shared by the Alzheimer’s Society)
Other brain health foods Sylvia had:

– broccoli
– kale
– spinach
– sunflower seeds
– green tea
– oats
– sweet potatoes
– dark chocolate (high cocoa content)


The information shared here is for educational purposes only.
These opinions are not given as medical advice and not intended to replace or conflict with your decisions or healthcare providers’ advice.


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