2020 Jan – Edible Gardens

This letter was submitted to the Straits Times on 14 January, 2020, but they declined to publish it.

I refer to “More trees and plants at over 80 new HDB estates as part of greening plans” (Straits Times, January 12).

I wonder if, in keeping with the government’s plan for Singapore to domestically produce 30% of our food needs by 2030, more of the plants grown at HDB estates could be edible ones. For instance, St. Andrew’s Autism Centre and Metta Welfare Association devote much of their gardens to edible plants. Staff, clients and volunteers at these two organisations tend to the plants, and the harvest goes to residents and for fund raising.

Growing plants might encourage people to eat more veggies, which are rich in antioxidants, other nutrients and fibre. It’s a win-win-win situation, as growing more veggies beautifies our surroundings, boosts our health and addresses the climate crisis.

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